16s/18s Enrichment/isolation & DNA/DNAse free Products

Do you want to achieve a higher sensitivity so that almost an innumerable amount of different bacteria can be detected very sensitively?

Molzym is known for its unique technology with which a significantly higher sensitivity in PCR can be achieved. This is accomplished by effectively removing human DNA. If you want to know more, feel free to look around our website where you can find almost all information.

MolYsis kits explained!

16S/18S Bacterial enrichment & isolation

Molysis Basic     Molysis Basic 5     Molysis Basic 10

Molysis Complete 5     Molysis Complete 10     SepsiTest UMD

   mycobacterium Tuberculosis     Next Generation Sequencing     SelectNA Plus Automation

DNA/DNAse free Products

DNA free water     Mastermix 16s     Taq Polymerase

List of all available DNA/DNAse free assays, products & plastics

All DNA/DNAse free Products

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