AliFax Instrumentation

AliFax offers multiple devices for modern bacteriology and microbiology testing. As well as the AliBox for monitored transport of biological samples. Alifax owns a collection of numerous patents worldwide in hematology and bacteriology fields and more than 200 scientific publications have been published on its technology and instruments.

Alfred 60AST

Alfred 60AST is the first fully automated system able to perform bacterial culture, RAA and susceptibility testing by automating the whole process of sample inoculation, reading and result transmission. Read more..


The Id-One device is a next generation micro-organism identification system. This reagent free ATR-FTIR system can identify a vast number of micro-organisms within 1 minute! Read more..


The Alibox system is a certified system for transport of biological samples. The active computer-controlled airflow system guarantees a constant cooling or heating temperature. Real-time registration of temperature variations, geographic location, humidity and other parameters. Read more..