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The Presto molecular diagnostic kits are Real time PCR assays on Sexual Transmitted Infections. The Presto Kits provide a high number of tests in one kit. For this reason the price can be very attractive without lowering the quality of the tests!

STI PCR products

Molecular Diagnostic KitsHuman DNA removal is a pre-analytical tool for 16S/18S molecular detection. With this technique, the PCR analytical sensitivity increases up to 40,000-fold compared to conventional total DNA isolation.
Ultra-pure, DNA-free PCR reagents and mastermixes allow for the precise detection and monitoring of infectious diseases in humans and animal models.

16s/18s & DNA free products

Our genetics test are split in two different technologies. We offer quick and cost efficiënt RealFast assays which are based on hydrolysis probes. We also offer StripAssays which can cover more mutations in one assay due to reverse hybridisation.

Genetic products

The PCR reagents, mixes and more are divided in three groups. DNA/RNA amplification group for PCR, DNA/RNA/Protein extraction group such as prep kit and purification system and molecular biological reagents group including cloning kit and various enzyme.

PCR reagents, mixes & more

We do have a broad range of PCR assays for the detection of microbial and viral infections as well as for PCR genetic purposes. Our PCR kits are all CE-IVD certified, fast and easy to use.

PCR Kits

Oasis Diagnostics Corporation focuses on addressing a growing need for non-invasive saliva based          technology for rapid testing, sample collection, and molecular diagnostics [DNA, RNA and proteins] in the Life Sciences area.

Saliva DNA isolation

The product can be used on virtually any DNA or RNA containing sample. The nucleic acid released can be applied to molecular biology techniques including PCR, RT-qPCR and sequencing.

3 minute DNA/RNA isolation

Our range of molecular diagnostic instruments are used for molecular diagnostics purposes. Explore our instruments and workflow solutions and experience why we’ve chosen for these reliable instruments which supports your lab’s daily needs.


Tauns point-of-care products offer fast and reliable solutions for a number of tests, for instance RSV and TB. These rapid tests can be used for both liquid and solid mediums, giving results in minutes!

Point-of-care tests

Ali-Fax products & instruments specialise in hematology and bacteriology, with emphasis on modern automation. Ali-fax instruments are focused to improve the workflow in your microbiological laboratory.

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