Alzheimer APO-E


Alzheimer Apo-E PCR

  • ApoE plays a key role in lipid metabolism.
  • There are three major isoforms of ApoE (E2, E3, E4).
  • ApoE2 and ApoE4 lead to an increased risk for Cardiovascular Diseases (E2) or Alzheimer’s Disease and Coronary Artery Disease (E4). APO-E PCR
  • Identifying genetic variations may greatly contribute to avoid disease onset by living a lifestyle in accordance with an individual’s genetic predisposition.

The ViennaLab APO-E StripAssays®

  • are based on reverse-hybridization of biotinylated PCR products
  • combine probes for mutations and controls in a parallel array of allele-specific oligonucleotides
  • work with immobilized oligos on a teststrip
  • show mutations by enzymatic color reaction easily visible to the naked eye


APO-E StripAssay®4-28020 TestsDetermination of isoforms Apo E2, E3 and E4


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