Automated DNA Extraction

Automated DNA extraction robot from Intron

The new Automated DNA Extraction system from Intron Biotechnologies is a 3rd generation magnetic beads based instrument with the following outstanding features.

  • Easy to useIntron automated DNA extraction
  • Compact
  • Optimized for all matrices (swabs, tissue, buffy coat, serum, plasma, etc.)
  • Real-time monitoring of progress
  • High speed (extraction time approx. 20 minutes)
  • Built in heating Block
  • Durable (90% aluminum parts)
  • Very interesting instrument price
  • Unique extraction kit price
  • Ideal for small laboratories, Universities and R&D departments

    Complimentary Products: PCRmax, fast qPCR

    The new PCRmax Eco48 real time PCR instrument is one of the fastest PCRs currently available on the market. In combination with the superfast DNA/RNA extraction kits from Arcis, an exceptional turnaround time is achieved.