DNA Blood Extraction Kit

Arcis BiotechnologyThe Arcis Blood Kit is a ready to use kit comprising two pre-filled reagent tubes enabling extraction of nucleic acids from blood samples prior to a flexible range of downstream assays. The product is intended to be used by trained users proficient in molecular biological techniques.

In only 3 minutes (!), with no prior sample preparation (and no centrifuge and heating), the kit allows you to go from blood to downstream nucleic acid investigations without the need for additional isolation or purification.

The Arcis Blood Kit will release nucleic acids from fresh, dried or frozen whole blood samples. The kit is also suitable for specimens that have been stored in EDTA and heparin containing solutions. The nucleic acids released are ready for use in PCR or other molecular applications.

The Arcis Blood Kit is intended for in vitro diagnostic use.


  • Simple and time saving with fewer pipetting steps
  • Sample PCR ready in 3 minutes
  • Stabilizes nucleic acids for up to 30 days at room temperature
  • Single pre-mixed lysis solution ready for use and stable at room temperature
  • Universal nucleic acid purification system for pathogens: the same kit can be used for both DNA and RNA downstream applications
  • Reduced steps result in less infectious waste

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