VerOFy® & LIAM™ Cortisol

Oasis logoVerOFy® is a unique platform technology that incorporates rapid and standardized saliva [oral fluid] collection with high quality immunochromatographic test strips providing a system for delivery of immediate results in field or point-of-care locations. The VerOFy® technology was originally developed for roadside drugs of abuse testing, but may be applied to a multitude of diseases, disease states or biomarkers for use in any setting where immediate results are required. The ease of use and simplicity of the test procedure makes the technology suitable for use in remote areas where laboratory facilities are not available, including the Developing World.


Available with Liam™ for point of care measuring of cortisol levels in saliva.
Specific applications under development include saliva tests for testosterone, and a multiplex test detecting multiple hormone biomarkers.  Future tests include salivary biomarker tests for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, sleep disorders, Anti-Malarian Hormone (AMH).

Saliva Sample Collection Devices

PureSAL Collection cell-free RNA, DNA and proteins from salivaPRSAL-401
SimplOFy Collection and stabilization of salivary DNASIMPL-301
SuperSAL Universal collection tool for saliva samplesSSAL-601
PediaSAL Collection from Neonates and InfantsPDSAL-101
DNA-SAL Collection of DNA from the oral cavityDNAS-102
RNAProSAL Split sample collection of cell free RNA/DNARPSAL-701
AccuSAL Universal saliva collection for drugsACSL-201
MicroSAL Universal small volume collectionMSAL-301
VersiSAL General versatile saliva collectorVSAL-401
VersiSAL Travel cover for VersiSALVSAL-401-L
FemCollect Collection of cells/DNA from the vaginal canalCVGL-401
UltraSAL-2 Large volume split sample collectorOAS-US-2
VerOFy Point of Care salivery cortisol/testosterone testVCOR-909
MiniSAL Isolation of DNA from 0.1ml - 1.0ml of oral speciminDNAX-504-30
MidiSAL Isolation of DNA from 1.0ml - 3.0ml of oral specimenDNAX-505-30