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Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) are common, but in many cases can be avoided. Atherosclerosis and venous thrombosis are thetwo major manifestations of CVD. Both are caused by complex interactions of environmental and genetic parameters. An unhealthy lifestyle in combination with certain genetic variants can contribute to atherosclerosis. Relevant genes include those involved in endothelial dysfunction, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and inflammation. A combination of adverse influences (female hormone intake, immobilization, surgery or cancer) and variations in genes responsible for the coagulation system can also lead to thrombosis.
Testing for genetic variations and adequate prophylaxis contributes to lower CVD risks.

StripAssays Cardio Vascular Disease

ProductCatalog Content
CVD A-8 genetic mutations 4-37020 tests
CVD T-9 genetic mutations4-36020 tests
FV-PTH Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin4-29020 tests
FV-PTH-MTHFR4-26020 tests
Factor V gene mutation4-33020 tests
PTH Prothrombin gene mutation4-34020 tests
MTHFR gene mutation4-35020 tests
PGX Thrombo CYP2C9 abd VKORC14-73020 tests

Cardio Vascular Diseases

CVD StripAssay®4-24020 TestsTesting for 12 genetic variants associated with Cardio Vascular Disease
CVD StripAssay® A4-37020 TestsTesting for 8 genetic variants predisposing to atherosclerosis
CVD StripAssay® T4-36020 TestsTesting for 9 genetic variants predisposing to venous thromboembolism
FV-PTH StripAssay®4-29020 TestsDetection of the Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin gene mutations
FV-PTH-MTHFR StripAssay®4-26020 TestsDetection of the Factor V Leiden, Prothrombin and MTHFR gene mutations
FV StripAssay®4-33020 TestsDetection of the Factor V gene mutation R506Q (FV Leiden)
PTH StripAssay®4-34020 TestsDetection of the Prothrombin gene mutation 20210G>A
MTHFR StripAssay®4-35020 TestsDetection of the MTHFR gene mutation 677C>T
PGX-Thrombo StripAssay®4-73020 TestsTesting for CYP2C9 and VKORC1 variants associated with anticoagulant dose requirements (Coumadin®, Marcumar®, Sintrom®)


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