DNA free water

DNA Free WaterDNA free water is high quality PCR-grade water that is used in the setup of PCR and Real-Time PCR assays demanding high accuracy of analysis.  Applications comprise quality control of manufacturing processes in  pharma and biotechnology, contamination control of food products,  environmental analysis, molecular infection diagnosis, SNP and other  hereditary mutation analyses, and research. DNA free water allows the  precise molecular analysis with utmost reliability. This product is manufactured under strict quality control management guaranteeing the absence of human and microbial DNA contamination (<3% false-positive  rate).

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DNA Free Water Applications:

1. Molecular infection diagnosis
2. QC of manufacturing processes in pharma and biotechnology
3. Contamination control of food products
4. Environmental analysis
5. SNP and other hereditary mutation analysis
6. Research

 Quality Control:

Each production lot of water is manufactured under strict quality control management guaranteeing (<3% false-positive rate) and ensuring high and consistent product quality. 

DNA-free Water for all PCR purposes

DNA free water, PCR gradeP-020-000310 x 1.7ml


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