EMMD 11-13 okt 2017

EMMD Goffin Molecular Technologies

This year we attended to the EMMD.
Firstly we want to Thank everybody from the organisation and everybody that attended to the EMMD. We really appreciated the enthusiasm about our new products and the interesting talks about all the new developments regarding your experiences with our products.

It was a great succes this year. Our stand had the SelectNA Plus including an expert from molzym. The SelectNA Plus Really took allot of attention. Our expert from Molzym told you everything you would like to know about all the Molzym products like, DNA free 16s/18s PCR reagents and of course the SelectNA Plus.

The ViennaLab product line was the new asset to our genetic tests collection this year. There were brochures on all the StripAssays, Demo kits and even an abstract from The JBZ on the Alpha Thalassemia StripAssay. The StripAssay technology lets you test on a tremendous amount of mutations in just one test. Just one example was the Alpha Thalassemia Stripassay which tests on 21 mutations instead om just 7 with gel electroforsis. These 21 mutations cover <90% of Alpha globin defects.

The presto 500 was the new presto Real-time CT/NG PCR kit this year. There were dummy kits and the new Presto 500 flyer. The presto 500 is bigger version of his little brother the presto 100. With 500 tests in just one kit the hands on time is reduced and the dead volume has a reduction of up to 80%. This all with the same accuracy of the presto 100.

The Coeliakie PCR kit from Tubascan is the first commercial Coeliakie PCR kit. The developer of the test was invited as speaker on the EMMD to tell everything about the test. After his words on the Coeliakie PCR kit he answered allot of your questions at the abstract.

For more information about the products shown on the EMMD send your request to info@goffinmt.com