Genomic DNA Extraction Kits

IntronThe G-spin™ Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit provide fast and easy methods for purification of total DNA from cultured animal cell, animal tissue,rodent tail, fixed tissue, animal hair, gram negative bacteria, and blood samples for reliable PCR and Southern blotting.

The simple G-spin™ Total DNA Extraction procedures, which are ideal for simultaneous processing of multiple samples, yield pure DNA ready for direct amplification in just 20 ~ 30 minutes. The G-spin™ Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit procedure is suitable for use with fresh or frozen whole blood and blood which has been treated with citrate, heparin, or EDTA. Pre-separation of leukocytes is not necessary.

Purification requires no phenol/chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation, and involves very little handling. DNA is eluted in Buffer CE, TE (10:1), 10mM Tris or water, ready for direct addition to PCR or other enzymatic reactions. Alternatively, it can be safely stored at –20C for later use. The purified DNA is free of protein, nucleases, and other contaminants or inhibitors. DNA purified using G-spin™ Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit is up to 50 kb in size, with fragments of approximately 20–30 kb predominating. DNA of this length denatures completely during thermal cycling and can be amplified with high efficiency.

G-spin™ Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit provides various protocols. You can also extract genomic DNA from various your biological samples by selecting an appropriate protocol from Protocol list. 

Genomic DNA Extraction Kits

ProductCat. CapacityApplication
G-spin™ Total DNA Extration Mini Kit17045
50 col.
200 col.
Genomic DNA/Cell/Tissue/G(-) Bacteria/Fixed Tissue Blood/Swabs/Hair/Buffy Coat/Body Fluids/Blood Spots
G-spin™ Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (for Bacteria)17121 50 col.Bacterial Genome Study/Pathogen Detection
G-DEX™ llc Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (for Cell/Tissue)17231300 TestsGenotyping/SNP Study/Genome Study
G-DEX™ llb Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (for blood)17241200 TestsGenotyping/SNP/Genome/Blood DNA and Cohort Study
i-genomic BYF DNA Extraction Mini Kit17361 50 col.Bacterial Genome Study/Pathogen Detection
i-genomic Plant DNA Extraction Mini Kit17371 50 col.Genotyping/SNP Study/Genome Study for Plant
i-genomic Stool DNA Extraction Mini Kit17451 50 col.Genotyping/Digestive Disease Pathogen Detection
i-genomic Urine DNA Extraction Mini Kit17391 50 col.Genotyping/Pathogen Detection

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