Hepatitis C Virus (HCV PCR)

HCV PCR AB analiticaThis is a kit for the detection of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes 1 to 7 and subtypes a and b of genotype 1 via reverse transcription, HCV PCR and Reverse Line Blot of the 5’UTR and CORE region.

The kit can accurately detect subtypes a and b of genotype 1, thanks to the use of dual targets: 5’UTR and CORE. The reverse transcription and amplification (One-Step RT-PCR) mix contains the dUTP/UNG system for the prevention of carry-over contamination.

20 subtypes can be detected, including those of genotype 6, and the interpretation of the results is easy and rapid thanks to the software HCV TYPE PLUS Strip Reader.

• Ready-to-use One-Step RT-PCR Mastermix

• Internal control (IC RNA) for monitoring the entire analytical process
• Positive control
• Strips and reagents for the visualization of amplicons by Reverse Line Blot
• Interpretation software

Application Note: Ampliquality HCV Type Plus


Ampliqualify HCV Type Plus

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