Molecular Diagnostic Instruments

Goffin Molecular Technologies offers a range of molecular diagnostic instruments used for molecular diagnostics purposes. We as Goffin Molecular Technologies are commited to deliver, thanks to our very reliable suppliers, one of the best solutions for your laboratory.

Explore our instruments and workflow solutions and experience why we’ve chosen for these reliable instruments which supports your lab’s daily needs.

PCRmax Eco 48 realtime Cycler

The new PCRmax Eco48 real time PCR instrument is one of the fastest PCRs currently available on the market. In combination with the superfast DNA/RNA extraction kits from Arcis, an exceptional turnaround time is achieved.

Molecular Diagnostic InstrumentsMolzYm SelectNA Plus

The instrument is used for the fully automated extraction and purification of pathogen DNA from whole blood and other primary body fluids, swabs and tissue samples based on the MolYsis™ technology.

Cortisol InstrumentPoint of Care cortisol platform

VerOFy® is a unique platform technology that incorporates rapid saliva collection with high quality  test strips and immediate POC results.

Automated StripAssay InstrumentAutomated StripAssay Processor

A new StripAssay processor capable of running up to 30 Viennalab teststrips per run fully automated.

Complimentary Products: Arcis DNA/RNA Extraction kits

Existing sample prep systems are often time-consuming and require laborious heating and centrifugation steps. The Arcis DNA/RNA extraction Kits requires only 2 steps and takes less than 3 minutes without any centrifuge or heating steps! More…