Molysis Basic 10 sample pre-treatment kit

Molzym Molysis Basic 10 kit:

Molysis Basic 10 kit is a sample pre-treatment kit for background-free PCR analysis of whole blood and other liquid samples with large size sample volumes (5 to 10ml).

Molecular analysis of pathogenic bacteria and fungi in liquid samples from clinical materials and animal systems (e.g., blood and other body liquids) can be severely disturbed by a high background of host DNA.

MolYsis Basic 10 removes this background of host DNA and thereby increases the reliability of the molecular analysis of pathogens in clinical and other samples. The kit contains all ingredients for the selective lysis of host cells and the degradation of released nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) in samples. Patented MolYsis Basic 10 is a sample pre-treatment tool for the removal of host as well as dead cell DNA. The kit can be used as a module in conjunction with any other nucleic acid extraction kit designed for handling in the mini bind-wash-elute format (e.g., mini spin columns, automated systems).

Molysis Basic 10 Principle

Fig. 1. The principle of testing for bacterial and fungal pathogens in liquid samples by MolYsis™ Basic 10 and other Kits for the purification of pathogen DNA.

MolYsis Basic 10 is Molzym’s proprietary, patented technology enabling the pretreatment of whole blood and other liquid clinical samples for depletion of human/animal DNA and enrichment of microbial organisms. The procedure includes protocols for human/animal DNA removal and universal lysis of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria and fungi. A chaotropic buffer is added to a sample which lyses the human/animal cells (pathogens are unaffected) and the nucleic acids released are degraded by MolDNase B. Pathogen cells are subsequently centrifuged and treated by the BugLysis reagent for the degradation of cell walls. At the end, pathogen DNA is purified by other DNA isolation protocols including a proteinase digestion step. The preparation can then be used in broad-range and other PCR assays for analysis of pathogens.


  • Sepsis diagnosis of adult patients
  • Infection diagnosis of other body fluids, including cerebrospinal fluids and joint aspirates


  • Buffers
  • MolDNase (DNA degradation)
  • Buglysis (degradation of Gram-positive and Gram-negative cell walls)




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Molysis BasicD-300-05050 reactions
Molysis Basic D-300-100100 reactions
Molysis Basic 5D-301-05050 reactions
Molysis Basic 5D-301-100100 reactions
Molysis Basic 10D-305-05050 reactions
Molysis Basic 10D-305-100100 reactions
Molysis Complete 5D-321-05050 reactions
Molysis Complete 5D-321-100100 reactions
Molysis Complete 10D-325-05050 reactions
Molysis Complete 10D-325-100100 reactions
Molysis PlusD-310-05050 reactions
Molysis PlusD-310-100100 reactions


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