MolYsis human DNA removal kits

human DNA removalMolysis human DNA removal is a pre-analytical tool serving the molecular detection of bacteraemia and other infections. Molysis constitutes of a unique system for the targeted isolation of bacterial DNA from clinical samples. By the selective lysis of human cells and  the degradation of non-target human DNA, PCR analysis of pathogens is extremely enhanced through increased sensitivity and specificity.

The result of Molysis pre-treatment with concomitant isolation of enriched pathogen DNA is an increase of the PCR analytical sensitivity of up  to 40,000-fold compared to conventional total DNA isolation.

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In total, 6 kits are available for the targeted pathogen DNA isolation from clinical samples. MolYsis Basic, MolYsis Basic5 and MolYsis Basic10 supply pre-treatment solutions of samples for the removal of host DNA and enrichment of pathogen cells from different volumes, respectively. The kits can be combined with any commercial DNA extraction and isolation kits, manual or automated. MolYsis Complete5 and MolYsis Complete10 are the complete solutions, including host DNA removal, pathogen enrichment, DNA extraction and purification from ≤ 1ml and 5ml or 5 – 10ml sample volume. MolYsis Plus enables the extraction of pathogen DNA and removal of inhibitors from grown blood cultures ready for PCR analysis.


  • Removal of human DNA
  • Removal of PCR inhibitors
  • Sensitivity increase up to factor 40,000
  • Broad-range lysis of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria
  • DNA-free reagents
  • Low hands-on-time


MolYsis Plus

Especially designed for the isolation of bacterial DNA from small (0.2 ml) blood cultures. The kit is based on a proprietary technology for the efficient removal of strong PCR inhibitors from the medium and the isolation of extremely pure bacterial DNA for PCR and qPCR analysis.

MolYsis Basic

This kit enables the removal of human DNA and enrichment of bacterial cells from small, pediatric samples of whole blood (0.2ml). MolYsis Basic includes all the reagents for human cell lysis, human DNA cleavage and bacterial cell wall degradation as a precursor to DNA isolation. MolYsis Basic is ideally used in conjunction with commercial DNA Mini Spin column kits for the extraction of DNA from whole blood


  1. Sepsis diagnosis of newborn children
  2. Infection diagnosis of clinical aspirates
  3. Periodontal and caries samples

MolYsis Basic 5 & MolYsis Basic 10

MolYsis Basic 5/MolYsis Basic 10 is a kit for human DNA removal and bacteria enrichment from 5 ml or 10 ml whole blood. The kit is used in combination with other commercial DNA Mini purification kits for the isolation of bacterial DNA and its use as a template in PCR or qPCR assays.


  1. Sepsis diagnosis of adult patients
  2. Infection diagnosis of other body fluids, including cerebrospinal fluids and joint aspirates

MolYsis Complete 5 & MolYsis Complete 10

MolYsis Complete 5/MolYsis Complete 10 Human DNA removal and bacterial DNA isolation kit for 5 ml and ≤1 ml and 5 – 10 ml blood samples.
This kit is the complete solution for bacterial DNA isolation from whole blood. MolYsis Complete contains all the buffers and reagents necessary for human DNA removal, bacteria enrichment and bacterial DNA isolation from 1 ml and 5 ml whole blood samples.


  1. Sepsis diagnosis of adult patients (5 ml protocol)
  2. Sepsis diagnosis of child patients (1 ml protocol)
  3. Infection diagnosis of other body fluids, including cerebrospinal fluids and joint aspirates

Application Note: MolYsis™ – Enhancement of PCR Detection Sensitivity by Removal of Human DNA


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