Molysis Plus sample pre-treatment kit

Molysis PlusMolzym Molysis Plus kit:

Especially designed for the isolation of bacterial DNA from small (0.2 ml) blood cultures. The kit is based on a proprietary technology for the efficient removal of strong PCR inhibitors from the medium and the isolation of extremely pure bacterial DNA for PCR and qPCR analysis.

MolYsis™ Plus is Molzym’s proprietary, patented technology enabling the purification of microbial DNA for PCR analysis from blood culture. The procedure includes protocols for:

i) Human blood DNA removal.

ii) Universal lysis of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, and fungi.

iii) Isolation of PCR inhibitor-free bacterial DNA.

Only three steps are needed to obtain bacterial DNA preparations that are depleted of host DNA. The addition of a chaotropic buffer to a liquid sample lyses the host cells, whereas bacterial cells are unaffected. The DNA released from host cells as well as dead cells is degraded by Molzym’s proprietary, chaotrope-resistant MolDNase A. Than the bacterial and fungal cells are sedimented, treated with BugLysis reagent to degrade cell walls of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria and fungi and then digested by Proteinase K treatment. At last the bacterial DNA is extracted and then isolated by a quick bind-wash-elute procedure, using Molzym’s CCT technology with DNA binding to the filter matrix and high recovery of pure microbial DNA from the column.

Molysis Plus

Fig. 1: The principle of testing for bacterial and fungal pathogens in blood culture samples by MolYsis™ Plus


  • Sepsis diagnosis of adult patients
  • Infection diagnosis of other body fluids, including cerebrospinal fluids and joint aspirates


  • Buffers
  • MolDNase (DNA degradation)
  • Buglysis (degradation of Gram-positive and Gram-negative cell walls)
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In order to be able to measure very sensitively without suffering from contamination, it is of the utmost importance that the reagent and plastics are both DNAse and DNA free. Molzym has an extensive product package that provides for this.