Mycobacterium Tuberculosis – MTB DNA isolation kit

MTB DNA isolation MolzymThe MTB DNA isolation Blood kit is based on Molzym’s MolYsis™ technology which removes non-target human DNA and enriches Mycobacterium tuberculosis  from blood and other liquid specimens. This pathogen can be present in samples at only very low loads. The optimised protocol therefore offers the possibility of extracting large sample volumes. Eventually, the enrichment of MTB-DNA increases the diagnostic sensitivity of MTB-directed Real-Time PCR assays.


  • Extraction of highly enriched MTB-DNA from whole blood and other sterile body fluids
  • Up to 10 ml sample volume
  • Validated in clinical studies
  • Extraction of MTB-DNA from live cells only
  • Reagents and consumables included
  • Enhances the diagnostic sensitivity in Real-Time PCR assaying

Application Note: MTB-DNA isolation Blood – DNA Extraction from Large Blood Volume for Molecular Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Poster Mycobacterium Tuberculosis: Pre-analytical protocol for the enrichment and lysis of mycobacteria in blood and tissue samples for the direct analysis with GeneXpert ® MTB/RIF


MTB-DNA Blood kit

MTB-DNA Blood kitG-300-02525 reactions
MTB-DNA Blood kitG-300-05050 reactions


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