Rapid detection Candida albicans and fungal pathogens in blood

Arcis BiotechnologyCandida albicans species are common human commensals that can cause disseminated infection.
In fact, Candidaalbicans (the major cause of invasive candidiasis), has become one of the pathogens most frequently isolated from the blood of postoperative and immunocompromised patients during the last decade.

However, diagnosis remains difficult and tests have been developed to detect circulating Candida antigens for rapid diagnosis of disseminated candidiasis, but no PCR-based test has set the standard for molecular detection yet. In this work, a rapid system for blood processing is described that allows extraction and stabilisation of all fungal genomic targets.

This novel technology has produced a proof of concept by teaming up with a new specific and sensitive qPCR test for the timely and accurate diagnosis Candida and concomitant fungal infections. A finer analysis within a small cohort of clinical specimens has allowed to set a basic LOD on par with blood culture, requiring a total time of 3 hours to complete the entire process (extraction and detection).

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A novel processing technology for simple and rapid detection of Candida albicansand fungal pathogens in blood by qPCR

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