ViennaLab; D2PCRTM Buffer for direct-to-PCR applications

D2PCRTM BufferAfter intense efforts the ViennaLab R&D team succeeded to develop a rapid and simple protocol for generating ready-to-use PCR templates that can be used for most RealFast™ Assays and StripAssays®. The D2PCRTM Buffer is a sample diluent added to blood after heat denaturation and brief centrifugation to generate a solid clot. The diluted clear supernatant can directly be used for PCR.

When used in RealFast™ Assays and combined with ultrafast cycling on the MIC qPCR Cycler (Bio Molecular Systems:, full genotyping from drawing blood to final result can be accomplished in less than one hour!

Note: Quantitative RealFast™ Assays for the determination of copy number variations (e.g. 7-410 CAH RealFast™ CNV Assay) and a few StripAssays® (e.g. 4-160 Alpha-globin StripAssay® and 4-380 CAH StripAssay®) are not suitable to be run on D2PCRTM Buffer templates.