Sample Prep Kit for any sample

Arcis BiotechnologyDNA/RNA general extraction kit

No centrifuge steps | No heating | High yield | Only 3 minutes | No inhibition  | 

The new Sample Prep Kit from Arcis is an outstanding ready to use DNA/RNA general extraction kit comprising two reagents tubes enabling flexible processing of a variety of sample types and sample volumes including whole blood, saliva, bacteria, plant or animal cells. The fast and convenient Arcis DNA Sample Prep kit allows you to go from cells to downstream nucleic acid investigations without the need for isolation or purification.

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The product can be used on virtually any DNA or RNA containing sample. The nucleic acid released has been successfully applied to molecular biology techniques including PCR, RT-qPCR and sequencing.

The ARCIS Sample Prep Kit accelerates pre-analytical processing in the following targets:

  • Human Samples: including whole blood (fresh/frozen, with and without heparin or EDTA), saliva, plasma, urine and buccal swabs
  • Microbiological samples: including bacteria (E.coli, S.aureus, P.aeruginosa, K. pneumoniae), viruses(HBV/HCV) and parasites (plasmodium)

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Complimentary Products: PCRmax, fast qPCR

The new PCRmax Eco48 real time PCR instrument is one of the fastest PCRs currently available on the market. In combination with the superfast DNA/RNA extraction kits from Arcis, an exceptional turnaround time is achieved.