Maxime™ PCR Premix kit

Maxime™ PCR PreMix Kit (i-StarTaq) is the product maxime pcrwhat  mixes every component: i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase, dNTP mixture, reactionbuffer etc in one tube. This  product can get the best result with the most convenient system and is on the 3th place in the iNtRON top 20. maxime pcr

Maxime™ PCR PreMix Kit:

  • Included TaqDNA polymerase, dNTP, Buffer tube (Heat-dried-patent)
  • No need to buy additional PCR tube and loading dye
  • Add only Template, Primer and DW for PCR


  • All-in-one: everything needed for PCR is included in the tube
  • Convenient: Add DNA template and primer to reaction tube
  • Cost-effective: Minimal labor and time are required
  • Reliable: vacuum packing guarentees reproducibility and stability
  • Customizable: create your own premix with your primers

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