Mycoplasma Product Series

MycoplasmaMycoplasma is leading to unreliable or false results. It’s difficult to detect, reproduces in cell cultures and is a common and serious contaminant of cell culture.

Prevention, detection and elimination products series by iNtRON:

  • MycoCleanMycoplasma Prevention Spray

Eliminates mycoplasmas that ethanol can’t remove. Contains raw material from nature. Non-corrosive/Non-carcinogenic.

  • e-MycoVALiDMycoplasma PCR/qPCR Kit

Detecting Mycoplasma at least 10 CFU/ml. High Sensitivity allowing to substitute culture method. Suitable for inspection to manage quality assurance.

  • M-Solution 1-2 Antibiotics

Eliminating contaminated strains in culture medium. Drawing a sustainable result without loss of cells. No cytotoxineffects.

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