Point of care influenza A+B test

Unique point-of-care test for Influenza A+B. Easy and fast diagnosis with nasal of pharyngeal swab.

The Capilia™ Flu Neo test will give you a positive or negative result from nasal or pharyngeal swab in 8 minutes. The swab medium can also be used for other Capilia™ tests, such as RSV, hMPV and Adeno. No special instruments or equipment are required.


Because the Influenza virus is highly contagious, rapid diagnosis and prompt treatment can have a positive effect on public health. Also, the ability to distinguish between A or B can help physicians to prescribe an appropriate antiviral therapy.

Type A Sensitivity/Specificity: 94,3%/95,4% (From nasal swabs)

Type B Sensitivity/Specificity: 100%/98,7% (From nasal swabs)


The Capilia™ Flu Neo, as shown above, is based on an immunochromatography assay using a monoclonal antibody that recognizes influenza virus antigens. When a nasal or pharyngeal swab is taken, the swab medium is applied to the sample area. Result will follow in 8 minutes.