Point-of-care tests from Tauns laboratories

These unique products offer point-of-care diagnostics in minutes for laboratories and general practitioners, using only nasal and pharyngeal swabs as samples.


The Capilia™ product line by Tauns laboratories offers fast and sensitive POCT detection of pathogens like Influenza, RSV or hMPV.

Easy-to-use point of care strips, as shown below in the Flu Neo test.


  • Rapid test for detecting antigen: Permitting accurate results; simple and easy to use
  • Easy to read Black Line: Adopting the latest nanotechnology,”Platinum-Gold Colloid”
  • Fast test results: Reading time is 3-8 min.
  • Shared use of extraction buffer in Capilia series:  1 sample can be used for 4 types of tests(Flu,Adeno,RSV,hMPV)


Other Capilia™ products include Mycoplasma, TB and Strep A.