The full solution to selected bacterial and fungi DNA isolation

Selective DNA isolationThe SepsiTest™-UMD is a selective DNA isolation routine diagnosis to address

    • Non-growing pathogens under antibiotic treatment
    • Rare pathogens, including anaerobic and fastidious organisms

Clinical Benefit

The SepsiTest™-UMD increases the rate of diagnosis of true infections (up to almost 70%) by the identifications of pathogens (> 345 bacteria and fungi) in culture-negatieve patients. It identifies pathogens in 35% to 45% of patients 12 h to 3 days earlier than blood culture. In infective endocarditis, the test provides pathogen identity even up to 8 days earlier.

Unique DNA extraction

      • > 99% removal of human and free floating microbial DNA
      • Broad-range lysis of bacteria and fungi
      • DNA enrichment and isolation of live bacteria and fungi


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