PCR Related Products

Intron BiotechnologyiNtRON Biotechnology Inc has been manufacturing and supplying various products and services for the purpose of providing total solution for molecular biology, molecular diagnostics and genetics.

Products are divided as three groups. DNA/RNA amplification group for PCR, DNA/RNA/Protein extraction group such as prep kit and purification system and molecular biological reagents group including cloning kit and various enzyme.

Plasmid & Probe DNA Kits     Genomic DNA Extraction Kits     Buffer & Column Products

RNA Extraction Kits     Protein Related Products     Real-Time PCR/RT-PCR

One-Step RT-PCR     PCR Premix     PCR 2X Master Mix

DNA Marker     PCR Others     RT/cDNA Synthesis

Cell Culture     Cloning     Others

PCR Core Kit (DNA Polymerase)

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