PediaSAL Infant Salivary Collection

PediSAL™ is a new collection device designed with the most fragile patients in mind: premature newborns. Oasis logoIn their first days in the world it is key to identify the healthiness of the newborn, however there is little or no way to collect a sample in non-invasive fashion that does not cause the child trauma. The PediaSAL™ is a different type of collector altogether, integrating a passive collection process with soother design to not only collect but also relax the newborn. A trained individual can then take the harvested saliva sample to a number of downstream processes that look for DNA, RNA, proteins, and other components which may be of interest.

pedia%e2%80%a2salPrinciples of the Device

The PediaSAL™ integrates a perforated soother with a saliva sampling device. A trained individual places the soother end of the device in the mouth of the premature newborn or infant, which passively draws saliva into a soft absorptive pad as the child suckles on the soother. After a short time the pad saturates, and the healthcare worker may then remove the collection portion only, leaving the soother with the child. Saliva can  then be expressed from the collection portion using a compression tube directly into any of a variety of common laboratory vials.


Saliva Sample Collection Devices

PureSAL Collection cell-free RNA, DNA and proteins from salivaPRSAL-401
SimplOFy Collection and stabilization of salivary DNASIMPL-301
SuperSAL Universal collection tool for saliva samplesSSAL-601
PediaSAL Collection from Neonates and InfantsPDSAL-101
DNA-SAL Collection of DNA from the oral cavityDNAS-102
RNAProSAL Split sample collection of cell free RNA/DNARPSAL-701
AccuSAL Universal saliva collection for drugsACSL-201
MicroSAL Universal small volume collectionMSAL-301
VersiSAL General versatile saliva collectorVSAL-401
VersiSAL Travel cover for VersiSALVSAL-401-L
FemCollect Collection of cells/DNA from the vaginal canalCVGL-401
UltraSAL-2 Large volume split sample collectorOAS-US-2
VerOFy Point of Care salivery cortisol/testosterone testVCOR-909
MiniSAL Isolation of DNA from 0.1ml - 1.0ml of oral speciminDNAX-504-30
MidiSAL Isolation of DNA from 1.0ml - 3.0ml of oral specimenDNAX-505-30