Pharmacogenetics & Oncology


Genetic variations in patients can substantially influence efficacy and toxicity of drug therapies. Pharmacogenetics allows best suited treatment for different types of diseases.
Established innovations in diagnostics from ViennaLab help to optimize therapies.

Pharmacogenetics – Drug Response

  • Genetic polymorphisms in metabolic pathways often result in different response to drugs.
  • Increasing knowledge on such genetic variations is available, paving the way for a “personalized medicine”.
  • ViennaLab offers various StripAssays® to detect genetic polymorphisms relevant for the treatment of different types of diseases.

Pharmacogenetics & Oncology

Product Cat.CapacityApplication
PGX-Thrombo StripAssay® 4-73020 TestsCYP2C9 and VKORC1 variants
PGX-HIV StripAssay® 4-71020 TestsGenotyping associated with response to HIV
PGX-TPMT StripAssay® 4-74020 TestsTMPT *2, *3A, *3B, and *3C detection allelic variants
PGX-CYP2D6 StripAssay® 4-76020 TestsTesting for CYP2D6 *3, *4 and *6 variants
PGX-CYP2C19 StripAssay® 4-75020 TestsCYP2C19 *2, *3, *4, *5, *6, *7, *8 and *17 variants
PGX-5FU StripAssay® 4-72020 TestsDetectop DPD allelic variant IVS14+1 G>A
BRAF 600/601 StripAssay® 5-56020 TestsUltra sensitive detection of 9 BRAF mutations
BRAF StripAssay® 5-57020 TestsUltra sensitive detection of BRAF V600E mutation
KRAS StripAssay® 5-59020 TestsDetection of 10 KRAS mutations in codon 12 and 13
KRAS-BRAF StripAssay® 5-58020 TestsDetection of 10 KRAS mutations
KRAS XL StripAssay® 5-68020 TestsDetection of 29 KRAS in codons 12/13/59/60/61/117/146
NRAS XL StripAssay® 5-62020 TestsDetection of 22 NRAS mutations
EGFR XL StripAssay® 5-63020 TestsDetection of 30 EGFR mutations in exons 18/19/20/21
FCGR StripAssay® 5-67020 TestsDetection of allelic variants FC gamma recep. 2A/3A


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