Point of care diagnostics

Tauns Capilia products are designed for point of care diagnostics. This overview includes all the Capilia products. Point-of-care tests are becoming more and more popular. Testing near the patient will be more convenient, also giving results quicker, allowing for faster quicker decisions to be made. All Tauns tests can also be stored at room temperature, which makes them easy for storage and shipping.

The Flu, Adeno, hMPV and RSV tests can be executed with only 1 swab, using the same medium.

Tauns is constantly expanding its product portfolio. Should you be looking for kits that are not listed here, we invite you to contact us. All products are CE-IVD certified and can be used directly for diagnostic purposes.

Capilia Adeno Neo Capilia Flu Neo Capilia hMPV Neo

Capilia Mycoplasma Capilia RSV Neo Capilia Strep A

       Capilia TB Neo