Presto 500 CT/NG assay

The new (May 2017) CT/NG Presto 500 combined qualitative real time CT/NG PCR assay of Goffin Molecular Technologies is the fastest most innovative scientific and technically most reliable and robust detection method for sexually transmitted diseases in all human clinical sample materials.

Presto 500 CT/NG STD


  • Sensitivity 100%/ Specificity 99,8% (urine; publication 2013)
  • Detection of ALL CT serovars (including Swedish and Scottish variants)
  • Highly specific NG detection (no confirmation needed)
  • CE-IVD


  • LOW DEAD VOLUME. With the unique Presto 500 kit you’re only losing reagents because of dead volume at the very beginning. Once you’ve started you’re not losing any reagents anymore which makes this kit very convenient with a price that can compete with your HOMEBREW!
  • READY TO USE MASTERMIX. Primers, probes, buffers, reagents and Taq-Polymerase, it’s already there, ready for use in the mastermix. No time consuming handling and no spoiling of the excess freshly made mastermix anymore!
  • HOMEBREW PRICING. The Presto 500 kit is as cost effective as your homebrew version. Give us a call and we’ll explain you why!
  • MADE FOR HIGH TROUGHPUT PURPOSES. The Presto 500 kit has been developed especially for automated systems like the Roche Flow which makes this kit unique in every aspect!
  • DETECTION OF DOUBLE INFECTIONS. Because of the use of the so called selectors which are in the kit, double infections will be detected as well. Ask us everything about this unique feature.
  • NO CONFIRMATION NEEDED. The Presto CT/NG assay is the most specific test available which means that confirmation is never needed.

Presto Publication. Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in an STI population: performances of the Presto CT-NG assay, the Lightmix Kit 480 HT CT/NG and the COBAS Amplicor with urine specimens and urethral/cervicovaginal samples.



We are pleased to announce that since July 1st the website for the 14th International Symposium on Human Chlamydial Infections is online. Please visit the website at:

Rt-PCR Assays Presto 100, Presto 500 and Presto TV

ProductApplicationContentOrder No.
Presto 100CT/NG all clinical samples100 reactionsCG 160100
Presto 500CT/NG, all clinical samples500 reactionsCG 160500
Presto TVTV, all clinical samples200 reactionsCG 170200


If you’re looking for a distributor for one of our Presto kits in your territory please click on your country on the map. If there’s no distributor available in your country we ship directly from our factory.