PureSal Isolating Liquid Biopsys

Oasis logoIdeal for Liquid Biopsy and Exosomes

PureSAL ™ was developed for the controlled and standardized collection of RNA or protein biomarkers from oral fluid specimens for subsequent stabilization and analysis in life science and research applications.

The PureSAL ™ Oral Specimen Collection System provides a simple non-invasive and rapid platform for isolating “liquid biopsy” specimens including cell free DNA, cell free RNA, exosomes, or proteins in a single step. The harvested, purified saliva specimen is stabilized if required and available for downstream PCR, genotyping, sequencing, proteomics and other applications, depending upon the desired results.

puresalPrinciples of the Device

PureSAL™ uses a highly absorbent pad to collect saliva, which also acts to remove a high percentage of mucinous material that can cause interference with downstream assays. The Sample is subsequently purified further by expressing the sample through the compression tube of the device containing a proprietary filtration medium that removes additional interferants and large molecules. The purified sample is then directed into a standard collection tube and is stabilized independently for immediate use or stored for long periods of time pending analysis.

Saliva Sample Collection Devices

PureSAL Collection cell-free RNA, DNA and proteins from salivaPRSAL-401
SimplOFy Collection and stabilization of salivary DNASIMPL-301
SuperSAL Universal collection tool for saliva samplesSSAL-601
PediaSAL Collection from Neonates and InfantsPDSAL-101
DNA-SAL Collection of DNA from the oral cavityDNAS-102
RNAProSAL Split sample collection of cell free RNA/DNARPSAL-701
AccuSAL Universal saliva collection for drugsACSL-201
MicroSAL Universal small volume collectionMSAL-301
VersiSAL General versatile saliva collectorVSAL-401
VersiSAL Travel cover for VersiSALVSAL-401-L
FemCollect Collection of cells/DNA from the vaginal canalCVGL-401
UltraSAL-2 Large volume split sample collectorOAS-US-2
VerOFy Point of Care salivery cortisol/testosterone testVCOR-909
MiniSAL Isolation of DNA from 0.1ml - 1.0ml of oral speciminDNAX-504-30
MidiSAL Isolation of DNA from 1.0ml - 3.0ml of oral specimenDNAX-505-30