RNA Extraction Kit

The RNA Extraction kits are solution type products which can extract total RNA from cell, tissue, bacterial and stool etc. including clinical samples such as blood and serum, etc.


  • Easy and fast extraction from liquid samples such as blood, serum and biological fluid, etc.
  • Extraction of total RNA from cell, tissue, bacteria and stool etc.
  • Easy distinction between aqueous phase and phenol phase by the deep-pink red colour solution.High yield and purity total RNA by high purity water-saturated phenol.
  • Specialized protocol offered for each sample.
  • Accurate downstream applications by perfect removal cross-contaminant.

RNA Extraction Kits

R&A-BLUE™ Total RNA Extraction Kit17501100 mℓRNA Study from Cell/Tissues
easy-RED™ Total RNA Extraction Kit17063100 mℓRNA Study from Liquid Samples
easy-spin™ Total RNA Extraction Kit (DNA free)1722150 col.RNA Study from Cell/Tissues
easy-spin™ llp Plant RNA Extraction Kit (Mini-prep)1731050 col.RNA Study from Plant Samples
easy-spin™ llp Plant RNA Extraction Kit (Maxi-prep)1731112 col.RNA Study from Plant Samples
RNA-spin™ Total RNA Extraction Kit1721150 col.RNA Study from Cell/Tissues
Fast HQ RNA Extraction Kit1721350 col.RNA Study from Plant Samples (w/o difficult samples-seed etc.)
Viral Gene-spin™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit1715150 col.Viral DNA/RNA/Pathogen Detection
Patho Gene-spin™ DNA/RNA Extraction Kit1715450 col.Viral DNA/RNA/Pathogen Detection
Double-RNA Viral dsRNA Extraction Mini Kit (for Plant Tissues)1741250 col.Plant Pathogen Detection
RNase WiPer21131200 ml Surface Decontamination of RNase


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