Saliva DNA Isolation Kits

Oasis Diagnostics provides the Mini•SAL™ and Midi•SAL™ DNA isolation kits for superior extraction of high-quality genomic DNA from saliva and/or buccal cells. These kits have been specifically optimized for use with the DNA•SAL™ Salivary DNA Collection Device, but may be used effectively with other methods of saliva collection, subject to satisfactory validation. NOTE: The sample collected using the DNA•SAL™ Salivary DNA Collection Device [Catalog Number DNAS-102], is considered a mixture of saliva, epithelial cells and stabilization solution.

For processing small sample volumes of 0.1 – 1.0 mL, the Mini•SAL™ Saliva DNA Isolation Kit is recommended. The Mini•SAL™ has been optimized for 0.1-1.0 mL sample volumes.

For processing larger sample volumes of 1.0–3.0 mL for applications such as Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) or next generation sequencing, the Midi•SAL™ Saliva DNA Isolation Kit is recommended. The Midi•SAL™ has been optimized for 1.0 – 3.0 mL sample volumes and can accommodate the full DNA•SAL™ collection volume in a single isolation.

The DNA isolated using either the Mini•SAL™ or Midi•SAL Saliva DNA Isolation Kits is ideal for PCR, hybridization, sequencing, and other downstream applications.

Saliva Sample Collection Devices

PureSAL Collection cell-free RNA, DNA and proteins from salivaPRSAL-401
SimplOFy Collection and stabilization of salivary DNASIMPL-301
SuperSAL Universal collection tool for saliva samplesSSAL-601
PediaSAL Collection from Neonates and InfantsPDSAL-101
DNA-SAL Collection of DNA from the oral cavityDNAS-102
RNAProSAL Split sample collection of cell free RNA/DNARPSAL-701
AccuSAL Universal saliva collection for drugsACSL-201
MicroSAL Universal small volume collectionMSAL-301
VersiSAL General versatile saliva collectorVSAL-401
VersiSAL Travel cover for VersiSALVSAL-401-L
FemCollect Collection of cells/DNA from the vaginal canalCVGL-401
UltraSAL-2 Large volume split sample collectorOAS-US-2
VerOFy Point of Care salivery cortisol/testosterone testVCOR-909
MiniSAL Isolation of DNA from 0.1ml - 1.0ml of oral speciminDNAX-504-30
MidiSAL Isolation of DNA from 1.0ml - 3.0ml of oral specimenDNAX-505-30