Our Products

Goffin Molecular Technologies has a high variety in products.
We demand the highest quality from all of our products.

STD Test Kits

Our Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD) test kits can detect Chlamydia, Gonorrhoeae and Trichomonas vaginalis. The innovative "Selectors" delivered with these kits, can help you detect double infections. Click to learn more.


Goffin Molecular Technologies have been informed that, due to a lot of work in laboratories, there is a great demand for plastic lab material. Therefore, our partner: Piplab would like to offer support to your laboratory. How can we help you? Click on the pipette tip.

Strip Assays

In need of genetic tests? Goffin has a high diversity in StripAssays, we have up to 48 immobilized probes for wild types and mutated alleles.


PCR Products

Are you doing research with a PCR cycler? Goffin Molecular Technologies is selling a high variety in PCR kits and other PCR related products.

PCR Equipment MolTaq

Pathogen Diagnostis

Molzym offers CE IVD-marked kits for
culture-independent, rapid molecular testing of pathogens. Routine specimens are analysed by a single protocol.

Lab automation

Goffin Molecular Technologies has a high variety in lab automation systems. All of our equipment are of a high standard and usable for professional laboratories.

Fastgen sequencing

BioVendor brings the new technology fastGEN for research into the mutation status of oncomarkers in samples. The technology is based on ultra-deep sequencing of short amplicons obtained by a single polymerase chain reaction with specially labeled hybrid primers.