accu salThe Accu•SAL™ Oral Fluid Collection System is a proprietary patented kit for the standardized collection of whole saliva from the pool of saliva that collects in the mouth. In order to collect an adequate specimen, it is recommended that patients/subjects “pool” saliva in the mouth just prior to sample collection to facilitate faster collection times. The Accu•SAL™ Oral Fluid Collection System features a collection strip comprised of an absorbent pad material, which is placed into the pool of saliva that collects in the mouth to collect the sample. After 1-2 minutes, a Sample Volume Adequacy Indicator (SVAI) changes from yellow to blue signifying sufficient saliva has been collected for subsequent analysis. The Collection Strip is then transferred to a transport tube for delivery to a laboratory. Upon receipt at the laboratory the sample is removed by vortexing or centrifugation and is then ready for drug or alternate analysis by various methods. This product is also useable for the detection of COVID-19 via PCR kits, as alternative for the nasal swabs.

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