SelectNA™ plus

The complete solution for broad-range pathogen diagnosis: Automated Isolation of Microbial DNA from Clinical Samples.

Molzym Automation

SelectNA Plus Molzym’s MolYsis™ technology is an approach for selective lysis of human cells and degradation of released human DNA followed by isolation of purified microbial DNA. In a long list of publications, MolYsis™ has been documented to be a powerful tool of providing minute amounts of microbial DNA from a wide variety of clinical materials to ultra-sensitive molecular testing.

Now, Molzym for the first time has developed a fully automated, walk-away system, SelectNA™plus, that proceeds clinical material through the MolYsis™ method. For the automatic extraction and Real-Time PCR diagnosis of pathogen DNA a kit, Micro-Dx™ is provided.

SelectNA Plus is the instrumental component of the complete system, Micro-Dx™. The instrument is used for the fully automated extraction and purification of pathogen DNA from whole blood and other primary body fluids, swabs, and tissue samples based on the MolYsis™ technology. SelectNA™plus considerably saves hands-on time in the most laborious part, DNA isolation, and at the same time decreases errors by handling. The highly contained automat avoids air-borne and cross-contamination during pre-analysis and thus reduces false-positive results in PCR or Real-Time PCR analyses.


  • Innovative walk-away pathogen DNA extraction
  • Human-DNA-removal technology (MolYsis™)
  • Validated for primary sterile body fluids and tissues
  • DNA-free consumables and reagents
  • Bench-top instrument
  • Flexible:  1 to 12 samples
  • Superior diagnostic performance
  • Suitable for Next Generation Sequencing

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