Cell Scrapers, Lifters and Spreaders

The blade on the cell scrapers can rotate, it has a free angle. Everything comes in different sizes, see specifications. Everything is individually prepacked, the packaging quantity could be customized.  

Excellent design ensures minimum harm to cells and superior structure can make it contact to almost all the container surface.


Cell Spreader 

  • Made of PS material, it is an ideal tool to keep the cell or bacteria growing uniformly on the surface of the petri dish.
  • Available in ∇, T, and L type.
  • Mellow and smooth on the surface to reduce the harm to cells.
  • End extensions design of the L spreader reduces harm to the medium.
  • Available in E.O or Gamma radiation sterile.

Cel Scraper & Lifter

  • The blade of the cell scraper is made of PTE material. The long shaft is made of ABS material. 
  • Spcial blade-free turning design keep ideal angle when collecting cells.
  • Made of elastic material, the blade is soft to make sure the cells won’t be harmed.
  • The cell lifter is made of superior PE material which has good tenacity
  • Available in E.O or Gamma radiation sterile. 

Cell Scrapers, Lifters and Spreaders Specifications

Cell Scrapers

MaterialTotal LengthLength of bladePackagingArticle No.Quantity/case
ABS (Handle), TPE (Blade)180 mm19 mmIndividualGM2020185400 PCS/Case (100PCS/Bag, 4 Bags/Case)
ABS (Handle), TPE (Blade)250 mm19 mmIndividualGM2020186200 PCS/Case (100PCS/Bag, 2 Bags/Case)
ABS (Handle), TPE (Blade)235 mm13 mmIndividualGM2020187200 PCS/Case (100PCS/Bag, 2 Bags/Case)
ABS (Handle), TPE (Blade)300 mm20 mmIndividualGM2020188200 PCS/Case (100PCS/Bag, 2 Bags/Case)

Cell Lifters

TypeTotal LengthLength of bladePackagingArticle No.Quantity/case
Single blade180 mm18,5 mmIndividualGM2020189400 PCS/Case (100 PCS/Bag, 4 Bags/Case)
Double blade215 mm23 mm and 12 mmIndividualGM2020190200 PCS/Case (100 PCS/Bag, 2 Bags/Case)

Cell Spreaders

ShapeTotal lengthWidth for spreadPackagingArticle No.Quantity/case
L shape148 mm30 mmIndividualGM20201912000 PCS/Case (100PCS/Bag, 20Bags/Case)
T shape182 mm32 mmIndividualGM20201922000 PCS/Case (100PCS/Bag, 20Bags/Case)

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