Deep-Well Plates

The deep-well plates are made of high quality PP material, High chemical stability. Optional Gamma radiation sterile, DNase, RNase free and non-pyrogenic.


  • Feature ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness on plate wells, allow fast heat transfer and reduce cycle times, and increase yields.
  • High contrast printed letters and numerals for rapid sample identification
  • Compatible with most sealing Film brands
  • Confirm to SBS regulation, can be stacked up stabely
  • Good sealing performance
  • Moulded letters and numbers, convenient for locating

Deep-Well Plates Specifications

Plate lengthPlate widthPlate heightPackagingArticle No.Quantity/case
127,8 mm85,5 mm41,6 mm10 PCS/boxGM202028310 Boxes
127,8 mm85,5 mm44,2 mm10 PCS/boxGM202028410 Boxes
127,8 mm85,5 mm43,9 mm10 PCS/boxGM202028510 Boxes
127,8 mm85,5 mm31,6 mm10 PCS/boxGM202028610 Boxes

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