Fastgen Sequencing

BioVendor brings the new technology fastGEN for research into the mutation status of oncomarkers in samples. The technology is based on ultra-deep sequencing of short amplicons obtained by a single polymerase chain reaction with specially labeled hybrid primers.

The fastGEN technology is simple, ultra-sensitive, specific and effective – it is perfectly adapted to diagnostics and offers new advantages for diagnostics of clinical material.

We offer easy-to-use diagnostic kits with software solutions for KRAS, NRAS, BRAF, EGFR and IDH 1/2 genes with excellent analytical parameters and extremely fast processing. Our GENOVESA software fastGEN module is an all-in-one cloud raw data analysis (FASTQ files) solution with technical and application support.


  • The total test time is less than <30 min hands-on time, <14 hours in total
  • It provides an investigation of the mutational status of oncomarkers in samples (DNA isolated from tumor or circulating DNA) through ultra-deep sequencing
  • Assay format is 16 tubes with Master Mixes
  • Parts of the kit are delivered ready to use
  • The simplicity of the fastGEN method is to mix a particular Master Mix with a DNA sample and place it in a thermocycler.
  • Kits currently available for brain cancer, lung cancer and solid cancer (EGFR, IDH 1/2, KRAS, NRAS and BRAF)