Filter Pipette Tips

All tips are manufactured from medical-grade polypropylene and certified free from DNase, RNase, and human DNA.

All PCR consumables feature ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness on all tubes and plate, to allow fast and efficient heat transfer from the entire contacting surface of the tube or well, reduce cycle times and increase yields.

The tips are available in sizes from 10 μl to 10000 μl


  • Low Retention material: ultra-smooth mold surfaces, these tips deliver maximum accuracy and reproducibility when pipetting liquid in micro volumes, resulting in superior pipette tip performance.
  • Allows the air to pass through, but not any aqueous solutions.
  • Low Retention products ensure maximum recovery of precious samples and reagents.
  • CMC-free, effectively eliminates unwanted signals induced by residual RNA/DNA transferred in trace amounts by aerosol cross-contamination.
  • All tips are universal-fitting single and multichannel pipettes, so reducing the number of tip brands and styles required in a laboratory.


SizePackagingColorTypeArticle No.Quantity/box
10 µl, long96 tips/rackNatureCommonGM202020750 racks
10 µl, long1000 tips/bagNatureCommonGM202020810 bags
10 µl, long96 tips/rackNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202020950 racks
10 µl, long1000 tips/bagNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202021010 bags
10 µl, short96 tips/rackNatureCommonGM202021150 racks
10 µl, short1000 tips/bagNatureCommonGM202021210 bags
10 µl, short96 tips/rackNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202021350 racks
10 µl, short1000 tips/bagNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202021410 bags
10 µl, Finnpipette96 tips/rackNatureCommonGM202021550 racks
10 µl, Finnpipette1000 tips/bagNatureCommonGM202021610 bags
10 µl, Finnpipette96 tips/rackNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202021750 racks
10 µl, Finnpipette1000 tips/bagNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202021810 bags
20 µl96 tips/rackNatureCommonGM202021950 racks
20 µl1000 tips/bagNatureCommonGM202022010 bags
20 µl96 tips/rackNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202022150 racks
20 µl1000 tips/bagNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202022210 bags
50 µl96 tips/rackNatureCommonGM202022350 racks
50 µl1000 tips/bagNatureCommonGM202022410 bags
50 µl96 tips/rackNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202022550 racks
50 µl1000 tips/bagNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202022610 bags
100 µl96 tips/rackNatureCommonGM202022750 racks
100 µl1000 tips/bagNatureCommonGM202022810 bags
100 µl96 tips/rackNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202022950 racks
100 µl1000 tips/bagNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202023010 bags
200 µl96 tips/rackNature or yellowCommonGM202023150 racks
200 µl1000 tips/bagNature or yellowCommonGM202023210 bags
200 µl96 tips/rackNature or yellowUltra Low RetentionGM202023350 racks
200 µl1000 tips/bagNature or yellowUltra Low RetentionGM202023410 bags
1000 µl, long96 tips/rackNature or blueCommonGM202023550 racks
1000 µl, long1000 tips/bagNature or blueCommonGM202023610 bags
1000 µl, long96 tips/rackNature or blueUltra Low RetentionGM202023750 racks
1000 µl, long1000 tips/bagNature or blueUltra Low RetentionGM202023810 bags
1250 µl96 tips/rackNature or blueCommonGM202023950 racks
1250 µl500 tips/rackNature or blueCommonGM202024020 bags
1250 µl96 tips/rackNature or blueUltra Low RetentionGM202024150 racks
1250 µl500 tips/rackNature or blueUltra Low RetentionGM202024220 bags
5000 µl, eppendorf24 tips/rackNatureCommonGM202024340 racks
5000 µl, eppendorf100 tips/bagNatureCommonGM202024410 bags
5000 µl, eppendorf24 tips/rackNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202024540 racks
5000 µl, eppendorf100 tips/bagNatureUltra Low RetentionGM202024610 bags

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