Flash Dx

Fast molecular Point-of-Care solutions for syndromic testing

With the FlashDx, common infections can be analyzed quickly, qualitatively and at a favorable price. This is one of the latest developments in POCT. The elegant microfluidic design enables robust and scalable production and provides users with a cost-effective and simple workflow. The FlasDx is a fully automated POC multiplex nucleic acid detection equipment that integrates nucleic acid extraction, amplification and detection with sample-in and result-out. All reagents are preloaded in test cartridges which means that the user only needs to add the sample with a hands-on time of 1 minute. the FlashDx can be completed anytime, anywhere in just 40 minutes. The device is powered by Microarray-qPCR technologies, providing sensitivity and specificity comparable to TaqMan qPCR technology. Another great advantage of the FlashDx is that the device is available in multi-unit system configurations. The flexible multi-unit system contains 4 units and allows random access to each unit and it can test 96 samples per day. Click on the brochure for more information.


    One minute to load the sample and cartrigde 
    One test up to 50 targets tested
  • SAFE
    Fully enclosed cartridge minimizes contamination risks
  • FAST
    Sample-to-answer system provides a report within one hour
    Flexible multi-system configuration satisfies different sample througpout needs

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