COVID-19 Healgen antigen rapid test

The fastest reliable way of testing COVID-19

The Healgen Antigen Corona test has been validated and approved by the Dutch government. Thanks to the approval, the Healgen Corona test is now fully and widely used.

The Healgen Antigen (AG) rapid test is a Corona test with an exceptionally high specificity and sensitivity. Various studies, including those of the RIVM, FDA, and Uppsala, have shown that the Healgen Antigen Corona rapid test (Rapid test) performs exceptionally well in both the nasopharyngeal and the nasal way. See the test scores in the table below:

The Corona Antigen test is very easy to use and ready for use in a short time. A short explanation of the test is shown in the step-by-step plan below. For the full manual click here.

The approved Corona test can be used in 2 ways, and both ways work on the basis of a test swab (cotton swab) that is inserted into the nose. Way 1 is a deep nasal swab (nasophyrangeal). Way 2 is through a shallow swab in the nose (nasal).

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