ALIBOX is a smart patented transportbox designed to improve and certify the transport of biological materials.
The computer-controlled airflow system guarantees a constant cooling or heating temperature.

sample transportation

 The ALIBOX (transportbox) is electromechanical locked and accessible only through personalized smart cardswitch cryptographic secure authentication and access rights defined by user. All data logs regarding internal temperature variations, geographic locations, speeds, accelerations, tilts, IDs of samples and operators are real-time registered by a cloud-based monitoring service and available on the ALIBOX app through PC, tablet or smart phone. Events recorded on-board and in the cloud are digitally signed and time-stamped by an Independent Certification Authority.

Unique features

  • Active temperature control
  • Geografic location 
  • Real-time monitoring : temperatue,  humidity, speed, max acceleration, tilt
  • Cloud monitoring service
  • Secure access policy
  • Data log certified by indipendent authority
  • All inclusive service

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