NEW! Next Generation of automated instrumment used to proces the immunoblot and westernblot assays.

dynablot comfort

The DYNABLOT Comfort is a next-generation of an automated instrument used to process the immunoblot and westernblot assays. Complete the workflow with our DYNACAM instrument, it scans the strips. 


  • Walk-away system
  • Automates reagents dispensing, incubating with rocking, strips washing, final drying
  • Strips are ready to scan and evaluate
  • Capacity up to 50 strips
  • 8 reagent channels fitted with peristaltic pumps
  • CE IVD marked
  • OEM version available
  • Open platform


  • Fluid lack sensor in each dispensing channel
  • Strip drying function (heated tray and forced airflow)
  • Easily accessible and space-saving drawer for reagents
  • Improved speed resolution and adjustable angle of tray rocking
  • Upgraded incubation timing management
  • Low vacuum level alarm
  • Modern colour touch screen for easy and comprehensible operation
  • Enhanced assay list capacity to 50 positions
  • Great traceability thanks to run logs archiving
  • New PC software for comprehensible assay creating (transfer to instrument memory via USB)

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