DYNABLOT Heat is a small, compact, and stand-alone instrument for the automatic processing of hybridization tests.
It offers precise temperature control within the range of 35 – 65 °C during the process with regard to accuracy, stability, and uniformity.

dynablot heat

DYNABLOT Heat is a small, compact and stand-alone instrument for automatic processing of hybridization tests.  Up to 30 strips can be processed in one run. The instrument is equipped with 3 independent holders for the disposable 10 well trays. This feature enables an economic handling of a smaller number of samples. The drawer also contains 2 holders for heated reagent bottles that can be mixed by the magnetic stirrer. The holders are equipped with custom adapters for different types of reagent bottles. Measuring the temperature directly in the reagent enables the preparation time to be shortened before the protocol run.


  • Automated instrument used to process strip hybridization assays
  • Wide temperature range and high accuracy
  • Dry heating without water – easy handling and low service costs
  • Small instrument dimensions, compact design
  • Walk-away operation
  • Reliability and minimum maintenance
  • Large touch screen control for easy and comprehensible operation


  • OPEN PLATFORM. The instrument can be in the open platform for the users so that they can program any method on their own.
  • EASY. The large colour display with touch screen enables easy and comprehensible instrument operation. 

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