The DYNACAM is an instrument for image scanning of immunoblot and westernblot strips with drying function. 


The process of obtaining test results is eased by image scanning the strips directly in the reaction wells of used trays immediately after previous processing. It is not necessary to manipulate the strips between processing and evaluation. It reduces the possibility of making mistakes that are caused by confusing strips during evaluation. Universal instrument able to work with different evaluating SWs. DYNACAM brings a next step of automation in blot processing when used with a blot processor (for example DYNABLOT Plus).


  • An instrument for image scanning of immunoblot and westernblot strips with a drying function
  • Image scanning directly in reaction wells
  • Use with different types of trays
  • Active drying of strips
  • Very good suppression of parasitic reflections
  • Competitive price/performance ratio


  • UNIVERSAL. An universal tray attachment system allows the insertion of different trays into the instrument.
  • DRYING. The instrument contains a system for actively drying the strips using an air stream. This system noticeably reduces the time needed between processing and evaluating these types of strips where the intensity is influenced by the wetness of their surface.

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