Inoculating Loops and Needles

The inoculating needle is 228 mm. The Inoculating loops are individually repacked.  The packaging quantity could be customized.


  • Made of high quality PS material, hydrophilic after surface treatment, applicable to microbial inoculation.
  • Multi color to distinguish diferent loops and needles.
  • Slim and flexible stick, adapted to narrow and irregular containers.
  • INdividua or bulk packed in sealing paper-plastic bag.
  • Available in E.O or Gamma radiation sterile.

Inoculating Loops and Needles Specifications

TypeTotal lengthColorPackagingArticle No.Quantity/case
Needle228 mmWhiteIndividualGM2020193500 PCS/Case (10 PCS/Bag, 50 Bags/Case)
Loop (10 µl)232 mmYellowIndividualGM2020194500 PCS/Case (10 PCS/Bag, 50 Bags/Case)

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