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SENTiNAT®200 is the new walk-away system able to provide a complete solution for quantitative/qualitative PCR molecular biology freeze-dried kits.

The platform is completed by the automatic software for result evaluation. In each session, the SENTiNAT®200 processes the extraction and purification of 48 samples and is able to perform up to 96 tests due to two integrated thermal-cyclers with magnetic induction heating/cooling technology.

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SelectNA™plus robot

The SelectNA™plus robot is a a fully automated DNA depletion and extraction instrument.

 Molzym developed a technology, MolYsis™, by which host DNA is depleted from samples before extraction and purification of DNA from intact microorganisms. This technology has now been converted to an automated protocol executed on the SelectNA™plus robot.

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dynablot heat


The DYNABLOT Heat is a blotting instrument for strip assays. 

DYNABLOT Heat is a small, compact, and stand-alone instrument for the automatic processing of hybridization tests. It offers precise temperature control within the range of 35 – 65 °C during the process with regard to accuracy, stability, and uniformity.

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Flash Dx

With the FlashDx, common infections can be analyzed quickly, qualitatively and at a favorable price. This is one of the latest developments in POCT. The elegant microfluidic design enables robust and scalable production and provides users with a cost-effective and simple workflow. The FlasDx is a fully automated POC multiplex nucleic acid detection equipment that integrates nucleic acid extraction, amplification and detection with sample-in and result-out.

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