Micro™ Dx

Fast and precise culture-independent diagnosis by innovative pathogen enrichment and broad-range PCR and sequencing.

Micro-Dx™ is the culture-independent molecular analysis of bacterial and fungal pathogens in clinical specimens with fully automated extraction of microbial DNA by the SelectNA™plus robot. The test is validated for a variety of clinical specimens, including whole blood, CSF, BAL, joint aspirates, ascites fluid, peritoneal fluid, pus, wound and nasal swabs, bone and soft tissue biopsies, heart and aortic valves and more.

Micro-Dx™ does the extraction of microbial DNA in a completely automated, walk-away manner. The eluted DNA is depleted of human DNA which promotes PCR or Real-Time PCR analysis by the supplied DNA-free reagents to high detection levels and hence diagnostic accuracy.

The robotic extraction of DNA from a variety of specimens and the unbiased, broad-range identification of bacteria and fungi make Micro-Dx™ a valuable tool in the daily in-vitro diagnosis of pathogens.

Characters and benefits:

  • Completely automated human DNA depletion and microbial DNA extraction
  • Robotic isolation of bacterial and fungal DNA
  • Low hands-on time (10-15 min)
  • Just one protocol for a diversity of clinical specimens
  • Culture-independent diagnosis of growing and non-growing pathogens
  • Sequencing identification of pathogens from 160 bacterial genera
  • Exact discrimination of Candida, Cryptococcus and other yeast species, Aspergillus
  • Flexibility: processing of 1-12 samples per run
  • Controlled DNA-free reagents and consumables
  • Extraction and PCR run controls included

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