Multi Well Plates

The 96-well plates are G2 (2nd generation) PCR plates. They are available in non-skirt and half-skirt type.

The multi well plates are made of high quality PS material by ultraprecise mould with automatic technique.

The G2 series could work up to 97% of current PCR machines. 


  • Feature ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness on plate wells, allow fast heat transfer and reduce cycle times, and increase yields.
  • High contrast printed letters and numerals for rapid sample identification
  • Compatible with most sealing Film brands
  • 5 optional types: 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 wells
  • Available with different bottom shape: Flat bottum, U-bottom and V-bottom
  • Can be stacked up to save the space and good for lab environment

PCR Plate Specifications

PCR Plates (96-Wells)

Volume/wellTypeColorPackagingArticle No.Quantity/case
0,1 mlNon-SkirtNature15 PCS/BoxGM20200110 Boxes (15 PCS/Box)
0,1 mlNon-SkirtWhite15 PCS/BoxGM20200210 Boxes (15 PCS/Box)
0,2 mlNon-SkirtNature15 PCS/BoxGM20200310 Boxes (15 PCS/Box)
0,2 mlNon-SkirtWhite15 PCS/BoxGM20200410 Boxes (15 PCS/Box)
0,1 mlHalf-SkirtNature15 PCS/BoxGM20200510 Boxes (15 PCS/Box)
0,1 mlHalf-SkirtWhite15 PCS/BoxGM20200610 Boxes (15 PCS/Box)
0,2 mlHalf-SkirtNature15 PCS/BoxGM20200710 Boxes (15 PCS/Box)
0,2 mlHalf-SkirtWhite15 PCS/BoxGM20200810 Boxes (15 PCS/Box)
0,2 mlHalf-SkirtNature15 PCS/BoxGM20200910 Boxes (15 PCS/Box)
0,2 mlHalf-SkirtWhite15 PCS/BoxGM20201010 Boxes (15 PCS/Box)
0,2 mlHalf-SkirtNature15 PCS/BoxGM20201110 Boxes (15 PCS/Box)
0,2 mlHalf-SkirtNature15 PCS/BoxGM20201210 Boxes (15 PCS/Box)
0,2 mlHalf-SkirtNatureIndividualGM1139601200/case
0,2 mlNon-Skirt, Raised Well RimNatureIndividualGM1139602200/case
0,2 mlNon-SkirtNatureIndividualGM1139603200/case
0,2 mlNon-Skirt, DetachableNatureIndividualGM1139604200/case
0,1 mlNon-SkirtWhiteIndividualGM1139605200/case

Multi Well Plates

Number of WellsBottom ShapeColorQuantity/boxArticle No.Quantity/case
6FlatNatural100 (Individually packed)GM16200612 Boxes (100 per box)
12FlatNatural100 (Individually packed)GM16201212 Boxes (100 per box)
24FlatNatural100 (Individually packed)GM16202412 Boxes (100 per box)
48FlatNatural100 (Individually packed)GM16204812 Boxes (100 per box)
96FlatNatural100 (Individually packed)GM16209612 Boxes (100 per box)
96UNatural100 (Individually packed)GM16209622 Boxes (100 per box)
96VNatural100 (Individually packed)GM16209632 Boxes (100 per box)
96FlatWhite100 (Individually packed)GM16209642 Boxes (100 per box)
96FlatBlack100 (Individually packed)GM16209652 Boxes (100 per box)

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